Cirrus Earplanes EP2 Review: Best Ear Plugs for Ear Pain

Cirrus Earplanes Flying Ear Plugs Review

As the world begins to open back up, and more folks are looking at flying again, I'd like to share this recent Cirrus Earplanes EP2 Flying Ear Plugs Review from a customer, about how they overcame ear pain from flying:

Reduced My Ear Pain Significantly!!

I am adult have severe ear pain on landing on flights, because of narrow eustachian tubes in my ears. These are the best earplugs I have tried in the past years. They are so very comfortable, and really help reduce the ear pain on when landing on flights. I used them the entire flight. I am ecstatic to learn that they are also reusable, however, I wonder how many times one can reuse them, as it does not say on the package.

Pros: Easy to install in the ear. Comfortable to wear. Come in a convenient plastic case. Reduce the ear pain on landing on flights. Reusable.

Cons: It does not state on the packaging how many flights one can use the same pair, before replacing them for effectiveness.


When it comes to flying and your ears, there are really two factors to consider: noise, and pressure. The noise of flying is a big contributor when it comes to travel fatigue; hours on a cramped, noisy plane full of engine sounds and crying babies can be irritating and literally physically exhausting. Even so, it's the pressure that often poses the worst problem for air travelers. The ear pain comes from pressure changes - which happen quite frequently in an airplane, since the cabin is pressurized and elevation changes are the name of the game. Ear pain from pressure during a flight can be intense, making an otherwise-pleasant flight truly miserable. (Often, the reason babies cry on flights is because their ears hurt, too!)

Fortunately, ear plugs offer a great deal of relief - and it's fair to say that none are more popular than Cirrus Earplanes. These work by regulating the air pressure inside your ear canals, so the cabin pressure changes in the aircraft aren't so sudden and painful for your sensitive ear drums to try to cope with. These flying ear plugs also block some noise, which can help prevent travel fatigue. With great pressure regulation, moderate noise blocking, a comfortable fit, and a reasonable price tag, Cirrus Earplanes may be the best ear plugs for flying that you can get.

This customer has pointed out that the packaging doesn't give directions for how many times the ear plugs can be used effectively. But we can help! And there's great news - Cirrus Flying Ear Plugs are actually washable! When they get dirty or tacky or stiff, you can gently clean these by hand. Use warm water and gentle hand soap to rub them clean, removing all debris and ear wax, and be sure to set them somewhere to dry completely before the next use. If you care for your flying ear plugs with a gentle wash between uses, they should last for months or even years, depending on how often you fly.

Until next time, be safe and do the right thing.

Tom Bergman, Vice President
Ear Plug Superstore

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