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Taylor Bishop

Thanks for the interesting article about ear plugs for sleeping. I actually didn't know that a custom molded ear plug could last about 20 years. I'm interested to learn if other types of ear plugs could be custom-made, so that they can be used for different situations.

Tom Bergman

Hi Taylor, thanks for the comment!

Professional custom ear plugs like these are available for a surprisingly big range of applications and uses! There are plugs for sleeping and snoring, which you're already familiar with - but you can also get full-custom plugs for specialized applications such as blocking blast noise while shooting and hunting, regulating pressure while flying, or blocking wind noise while riding a motorcycle.

There are also custom plugs made to block out water for swimming or surfing or showering, and several designed for musicians, so they can protect their ears while still hearing music clearly.

Practically anywhere there are people who need ear protection almost every day over long periods of time, you'll find a custom-molded earplug designed specifically to help.

You can see them all here, if you'd like to check out what kinds of custom-fit plugs are out there and see what else they can do: https://www.earplugstore.com/professional-custom-molded-ear-plugs.html

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