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Thanks for the post, and I don't know if this is a commonly asked question or not. But what is the normal age or so that people start to develop hearing loss? Because my daughter is starting to lose her hearing and she's only 20 and I didn't know if that was normal? Because I was looking through http://www.myhearingassociates.com and I wasn't able to find that much on it.

Tom Bergman

Thanks for writing. We do not have any specific data available about particular amounts of hearing loss for certain age groups, but we do know that someone in their 20s would not be experiencing hearing loss without cause. We would first like to suggest you consult her physician, any significant change in hearing needs to be checked out.

We would add that we are seeing an epidemic of young people losing their hearing due to excessive volume and duration of music piped directly into the ear canal, i.e. isolation earphones, etc. Public venues, most especially music concerts, produce dangerous amounts of sound putting without protection at risk of permanent hearing damage.

There now are earplugs that feature acoustic filters which reduce the volume to safe levels, and without distorting the music. So too are there safer earphones, such as EtyKids and KidBuds, both with features that reduce the danger of hearing damage from listening to music.

This is only one possibility of why she could be experiencing hearing loss and may not be the cause at all, only one explanation that is happening far too frequently these days.

Please do have her get it checked out, and don't put it off?

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