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Sarinne Fox

Thanks, Tom! Memory foam is wonderful stuff. Will this pillow help if you want to wear "ear muff" hearing protectors to bed? (There are times when ear plugs alone aren't enough!) For sleeping on my side while wearing ear muffs, I put two pillows together with a slight gap between them, and it does the job -- it's comfortable enough so that I can sleep that way -- but maybe there's a special-purpose product you can recommend?

Tom Bergman

Hi Sarinne! The ear pillow should be better than the two pillow solution, however, ear muffs are never going to be as effective as ear plugs, and they will always be less comfortable, so I have two suggestions:

First, if you do not mind having an ear plug in the canal, give our “Just the softest and smallest” foam ear plug trial pack a go. That will give you a variety of the most comfortable foam ear plugs available for sleeping.

If you do not want anything in the canal, I would recommend that you try a moldable wax and cotton ear plug, which seal OVER the opening of the ear canal. These are ideal for side sleepers because the wax softens with body heat, to become virtually pressure free after a few minutes, and these give you about an NRR 25, which is quite good. We offer Quies Boules from France, Ohropax from Germany, Flent’s Ear Stopples from the US and a completely organic, Beeswax ear plug from New Zealand.
All have fans and all are very good solutions for sleeping.

If you still find that ear plugs alone won't do the job, I highly recommend using white noise for sleeping. With ear plugs and a white noise machine nearby, you should be able to block out any noises that disturb your sleep, without needing to wear bulky ear muffs to bed as well.

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