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Barry  Biermann

I wear hearing aids with substantial hearing loss . What are the choices I have to hear and be able to talk. Barry

Tom Bergman

Hi Barry, thanks for writing. You should speak with your audiologist ASAP if your hearing aids are not allowing you to hear and talk clearly and comfortably. Hearing aids are a health issue, so don't be afraid to talk about your hearing -- or your problems hearing well -- with your family doctor, too! As far as hearing protection goes, I would recommend an electronic ear muff (http://www.earplugstore.com/electronic-ear-muffs.html) with sound amplification for you. This will block out dangerous noises, while amplifying safe sounds like voices so you can still hear them (or perhaps even hear them better than you could before!). The earmuffs will fit over your ears, which means you won't have to remove your hearing aids to wear your hearing protection. Good luck!


Would a 22 or 24nrr rating be sufficient for deer hunting with a high power rifle (160db) or for duck hunting with a 12 gauge (155db)? Deer hunting would require about 1 shot/year where duck hunting would be around 75/year

Tom Bergman

Hi Richard, thanks for writing. Because the blast from a gun is so short-lived, even modest ear protection (NRR 20+) is generally enough to protect your hearing from the infrequent shots experienced in hunting. A minimum of 20 NRR is generally recommended for hunting, however, for practice, where you may experience more than 100 blasts in a practice session, including yours and those generated by nearby shooters, a much higher NRR rated ear muff, plus a set of ear plugs worn under the muffs, is highly suggested.

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